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Installation Service


1.   The molding and windshield cowl are carefully removed.

2.   The broken windshield is then completely removed.  Any existing adhesive is then  removed to make a proper installation.   This is important to make sure that there will be no water leaks caused by the older existing adhesive. Removal of the old adhesive ensures proper setting for the new adhesive.

3.   The new windshield is primed to ensure a reliable seal.  We always use premium primers here to ensure a high quality seal.

4.   A Urethane adhesive is then applied to the vehicle frame.  To ensure that there is a quality seal, urethane must be applied equally to all sides where the windshield will make contact with the frame.  The vehicle is safe to drive in an about half hour to one hour for most installations.  We use only premium quality urethane to ensure the highest quality seals for your vehicle.

5.   The new windshield is set in place and the molding, cowl, and wipers are reattached.  In some cases, your windshield will require a new molding with the installation.  Our installers will inform you if your molding will require to be changed.  It is imperative to have a molding which properly fits your windshield.

6.    Your vehicle will be drivable within one half to one hour.



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Service 1st provides a Lifetime Warranty on all installations. All work performed carries lifetime coverage on all leaks, defects, and any flaws in workmanship.


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